Christian Aid

Christian Aid

Christian Aid insist that everyone should be able to live a full life, free from poverty. It works with people of all faiths and none, never giving money to governments and is the official development agency of 41 church denominations in Britain and Ireland.

During Christian Aid Week volunteers from our church, and other churches in the area, deliver and collect Christian Aid Week envelopes to houses in Westbury-on- Trym and Stoke Bishop. Nearly £150,000 has been collected in this way since 2004.

Christian Aid Week in 2020 was hit, like almost everything else in our lives, by the global pandemic. However, the problems faced by Rose, and others in the developing world, remain.

Christian Aid Week 2020, Sunday 10 May – Saturday  16 May

For Rose, every last drop of water is precious

In Kenya, the rains that used to water the farmlands have failed, causing a national emergency that has left over two million people hungry. One of these people is Rose.

Rose is 67. Every day, she battles to bring water home for her grandchildren. But drought and hunger are driving her to the brink. ‘The drought has been severe,’ she tells us. ‘We have had three long months without water, and now we have to walk long distances. We are suffering.’

Faced with this devastation, Rose strives to provide for her grandchildren. She does all she can to give them happy childhoods, like the times she remembers when there was plenty of rain and food. Every morning, after nothing to eat, she sets out on a long and dangerous journey, walking six hours to collect water.

While she walks, her stomach gives her stabbing pains. She feels weary under the hot sun. Her aching legs walk on… and on… because if she gives up, her grandchildren will hunger and thirst.

At last she comes home, exhausted. Her grandchildren cook her a meagre bowl of porridge – but they know she is still hungry. And she won’t have the strength to fetch water for much longer. It breaks their hearts to see their Grandma suffer like this.

The sad truth is, it doesn’t have to reach this breaking point.

There is an earth dam just minutes away from her home. It should be a lifeline. But others like Rose are also struggling to survive the drought. With many in dire need, every drop of water in the dam has dried up.

This is Rose’s climate crisis. No matter how hard she battles against it, drought leaves her hungry and heartbroken.

Christian Aid Week 2020 refocussed to reflect the world wide battle against Covid 19. Christian Aid House to House collections had to be abandoned for obvious reasons of safety, and this is the major source of income for the annual Holy Trinity Christian Aid Week activities. Instead a Justgiving page was set up  for Holy Trinity which did remarkably well. Christian Aid Week nationally  this year, always a major fundraiser, raised more than 50% of the normal amount, which was seen as very positive in the circumstances. Here we raised £1822 through our Justgiving page and cheques, plus £427.95 in gift aid, a total of £2249.95 compared with a total including gift aid of £3185.70 in 2019. So, 71% of our total in 2019, well done all. But it’s still a shortfall…

Christian Aid Week 2021 is from Sunday 9 May to Saturday 15 May

Hopefully we will be back to something like normal and will be able to collect House to House again. Meanwhile Christian Aid asks us all to give, act and pray. You don’t have to wait for Christian Aid Week to give, you can donate through the Christian Aid website  You can join in the Christian Aid campaign to get debt relief for  poor countries struggling with Covid 19 while they lack basic infrastructure  And your prayers are always welcome.

Thank you.

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