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During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency all Teatime Church Services in church are suspended.  There will be online resources and videos from the Teatime Church team.

The theme for June is Compassion and Action

June 2020Teatime Church Newsletter

The theme for May is “I am the way, the truth and the light’.

May 2020 Teatime Church Newsletter

Teatime Church Video May 2020

Please see this message from Georgina Mountjoy Family Worker at Holy Trinity Church.    Message from Family Worker

Georgina can be contacted  familyworker@westbury-parish-church.org.uk

Family life has never been more complicated ! If you are looking for something that all the family can do together then try out Teatime Church. This is church where children can play in a beautiful historic building , church where their voices are encouraged and not shushed, church where families can pray where generations have prayed before but in an active child centred way. It is church but not as many people know it!

In the 21st century families come in all sorts of shape and sizes – nuclear, single parent, extended, childless, step, grandparent, same sex.  Teatime Church is a place where all these different types of family can meet and become part of the Holy Trinity church family.

Once a month from 4pm – 5pm, there is a service which is particularly suitable for families with young children. It is an informal, inclusive and joyful time where we sings songs, listen to stories and share in food and drink.

What happens?

We start with a craft activity but this may be a treasure hunt around the church or a walk around the churchyard but always something the family can do together.

This is a followed by a short presentation and simple worship songs.

There is a prayer activity and more songs, followed by a healthy tea for all the children (sandwiches, snacks and a few sweet treats) plus hot drinks for the adults.

Who is it for?

It is particularly suitable for families – in whatever shape or form – with young children (primary school age and below).  Those with special needs that may find accessing more formal church services are also most welcome, and anyone who enjoys a very informal way of worship and prayer.

Dates for 2020

Sunday 10th May – suspended

Sunday 14th June

Sunday  12th July

Sunday 6th September

Sunday 11th October

Sunday 22nd November